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Vacuum loaders
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sipka Vacuum loader COMPELVAC RF 17 000

Vacuum loader COMPELVAC RF 17 000
Railvac Fatra 17000 is a special track machine built on a platform wagon. It is designed for excavating of material from the track by means of vacuum. This machine can excavate rail ballast, stones, dust, litter, liquids and mud. When a pipe extension is used, material can be sucked up to distance of 175 m from the unit. Excavated material is transported by means of vacuum through a transport pipe to a container. Air, as a delivery medium, is cleaned in a filter unit thoroughly, and returned back to the open area.

Container discharge can be provide according to character of works and local conditions:
• laterally next to the track
• on a conveyer with an option into the wagon behind the machine or to a chosen side next to the track.

Manipulator placed in the front part of the machine is designed for accurate manipulation with the suction pipe. An operator by means of remote control or from cabin controls the process of material excavating. The machine is equipped with own drive for working mode.


sipka Basic technical data

max. loading capacity 40 cubic m.p.h.
average loading capacity 25 cubic m.p.h.
container capacity* 21 cubic meters
svetlosť transportného potrubia 6“ až 10“
max. total weight * 100 000 kg
max. machine speed - with own drive* 20 km.p.h.
max. machine speed - by towing 80 km.p.h.
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